Bach Flower Remedies

The essences were developed in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath who believed that the key to good health was by emotional harmony. By 1936 he identified 38 flower essences, each one derived from a different wild flower, plant or tree, and each corresponding to a specific emotion.  The same plants and tradition of hand picking are still used to this day.  


Dr Bach believed the complete system, which captures the positive potential of the plants theyre created from, offered a holistic approach to achieving emotional balance. The system is designed so that the essences can be tailored to meet each persons individual needs, so that they can be taken individually, or in combination.  Bach remedies help the individual find a better emotional balance, thus allowing the body and mind to rest, healing itself from unwanted thoughts and emotions.  


Tiger Lily Therapies has created 6 combinations with the Bach flower essences to help with your daily needs.  These combinations are a simple, natural and gentle approach to emotional balance.   


All Bach Original Flower Remedies contain a small percentage of alcohol as a preservative and therefore may be unsuitable for some people.