Dr. Lauren's Teas

Steap. Sip. Heal. Repeat

Dr. Lauren is a Naturopathic doctor, who has formulated and blended loose leaf tea to promote an affordable self-care ritual through routine.  

As an avid coffee drinker, I am happily converting into the ritual of tea.  There is something magical about knowing that what I am consuming is good for me, even if I can't see it.  

Dr. Lauren teaches how to love, respect, and care for yourself, whether you are on a healing journey, or just through day to day rituals.  

The history of tea dates back 5000 years.  It has been often used traditionally and medicinally.  Some known benefits of tea are to improve immune health and reduce inflammation.  In this day and age with most foods causing inflammation in the body, I am finding a nice balance with adding in a ritual that I know is beneficial for my health.  

At Ausdruck we have selected a handful of teas for all walks of life.  We have NamasTEA - a floral blend, designed to relax the mind body and spirit

Stress Support Tea - a tea that promotes resilience during stressful times, aiding in mood, thyroid function, digestion, energy and more

Herbal Joe - for those adventurous soles who are ready to ditch the coffee and gain energy without caffeine! Supporting your adrenal system all while giving you that extra boost for your day.  

Holiday Blend - the definition of a warm hug in a mug, spicy and calming all in one

Digestive Tea - promoting proper digestive processes to reduce discomfort and maintain regularity

Daily Detox - supporting the liver, kidney detoxification, and digestion so your body can eliminate those toxins gently and effectively

Be Calm and Sleep - designed to relax and unwind your day, putting your body into a rest and relaxing state

Baby Mama Tea - a nutritive tea, uterine tonic, nausea calming, digestive all in one.  The ultimate tea for those baby mamas, before during and after baby! 

Calm Baby Nursing Tea - another one for the mamas out there, this tea supports breast milk supply as well as helping both mom and baby digest and feel calm

So... What are you waiting for go get your cup of tea! 

But wait!!! There's more!  How can there be more.... We also cary Tea Baths!  These elixirs are the ultimate.  Carrying one for post-partum and one to restore, simply make a pot of tea or two and pour that pot of tea directly into your bath water, and enjoy your own at home tea bath and all the healing benefits that come with it!