About Us

Welcome to Ausdruck! 

            My name is Britt, the creator of Ausdruck.  My journey began back in 2018 when I was overwhelmed by the world's way of consumerism and lack of mindfulness.  I was noticing how disposable our world had become and felt a deep rooted pull to step up and explore the world of craftsmanship, the communities of shopping locally and becoming eco-friendly. Drawing myself closer and closer to a more natural way of living.  A way of less waste, less plastic, and less chemicals.  I wanted to be a part of protecting the beautiful planet Earth we call home. 

            It wasn’t until I had many conversations with my closest friends that I started to see recurring trends in what it was that I was meant to do, what was drawing me in.  Traditions, handcrafted goods, soulfulness, nature, sustainability, and quality drew me closer to feeling full and inspired.   And so, I set out to find products that made me feel inspired - to be better, enjoy simple things in life, to pause during my day and take appreciation in what we truly have to offer.  I'm tired of living in a world that has become so disposable.  With Ausdruck, I have curated alternatives to daily used products that respect our health and the health of our planet, while striving to support other like-minded businesses.

           My mission is to inspire you to reconnect with the simpler things in life.  To be a part of building a community of like-minded individuals.  To bring back humanity full of kindness and compassion.   I dare you to venture into unchartered territories by trying something you might not have before.  What’s the harm?  Certainly none to the environment.  Looking forward to embarking on this journey of greener living and mindful consumption with all of you!  

 Britt xx