Tiger Lily Therapies


TIGER LILY THERAPIES was established in January 2013 and opened commercially in 2019 near Port Dalhousie in beautiful St. Catharines.


Owner and curator, Jennefer Davis has worked in the health and wellness industry since 1995, and offers both medical aesthetic and Reiki treatments. She is registered with the Canadian Reiki Association as a Master, Practitioner, and Animal Reiki Practitioner.


“My passion is on the wellness of each individual. Having personally dealt with many traumatic events in my life, I understand the absolute need and desire for mental and emotional wellness in our society.


“I’ve designed these six Bach Flower Remedy blends to help people with their day to day lives and struggles. Especially during these trying times, it is more important than ever to create wellness within our bodies and souls.


“Bach Flower Remedies work synergistically with the body to help alleviate unwanted thoughts and emotions. They do not conflict with medications or belief systems, and are safe to take by pregnant or nursing mothers.”


Jennefer Davis RRPR., RM